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Membership of ASHRR is based principally on organisations rather than individuals. However, the focus is on those larger private and public sector organisations (or large divisions within those organisations) with senior HR practitioners playing strategic roles in the overall management and direction of the firm. Membership is by invitation only. We aim to restrict total membership to key HR practitioners from 40 or so prominent Australian organisations to ensure the value of confidential roundtable discussion is retained.

The annual membership subscription is currently set at $2,200 per member organisation including GST and renewals are based on a rolling 12-month subscription period from the anniversary of the date organisations first join rather than a calendar year or financial year  period. Income from subscriptions is used to meet the administration costs of ASHRR including the costs of regular workshops in five Australian capital cities, a full day Annual Conference for members in Sydney as well as supporting the costs of research into emerging HR issues.

See “Activities 2010” and “Research” tabs.

Member organisations nominate two senior HR practitioners to participate in ASHRR activities. Two points of contact are seen as being important. This maximises the chances of at least one person in the organisation participating in ASHRR activities. It also helps maintain continuity of organisational membership when one of the designated contacts is re-located within the organisation or accepts a role within another employer.

ASHRR is a non-profit organization and membership subscriptions are tax deductible.

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